WP-Syntax was originally written by Ryan McGeary. I took over the code maintenance 2 or 3 years ago. Basically doing just enough to keep it alive and working and merging patches submitted by others. But I think it time to start breathing life back into development. If you would like to contribute, WP-Syntax can be found on Github. Fork and start submitting your pull requests today.

Features in development:

  • Default setting page to allow full customization of highlighting.
  • TinyMCE button which opens a modal to override the default settings and a box to paste the code with real time syntax highlighting to insert.
  • Real time syntax highlighting.
  • Copy button utilizingĀ ZeroClipboard.
  • View source button in popup window without highlighting.
  • Download source button.
  • Include external files for highlighting.
  • Expandable/collapsibleĀ code boxes.